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Accurate Data Marketing, Inc. is one of the premier market research recruiting firms in the Chicagoland area  with over 20 years experience recruiting all types of consumers and professionals for market research studies. Our in-house call center is staffed with veteran phone recruiters, most who have been working in the industry for ten or more years. We have the expertise and experience to help make your next project a success, whether it be a focus group, product placement, or medical journal study, we’ve done them all.

Consumers who are interested in participating in market research studies such as focus groups and product placements are encouraged to join our database. Companies and organizations need to hear your feedback to improve their products and services, and best of all they’re willing to compensate you for it. There are no gimmicks or sales pitches; we are simply interested in your opinions. Any information you provide during one of these studies is kept strictly confidential and will only be used for the purpose of the study.