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Our  Areas of Expertise

We have over 20 years’ experience recruiting consumers and medical professionals for market research studies and have consistently been rated in the Impulse Survey as one of the top recruiting firms in the Chicagoland area. Our phone room staff consists of a team of well trained, highly experienced recruiters, ensuring that only the most appropriate respondents are recruited for our studies. In addition, our management team is consistently developing methods to attract new consumers and medical professionals to our database so our clients are interviewing fresh respondents.

When it comes to adding respondents into our database we take caution to ensure they have been verified before being entered. All new profiles that we receive are contacted via phone and we go over the data which they submitted to ensure the accuracy of their information. In addition, all contact information that is provided is run against both our active and flagged database’s to ensure their uniqueness. Only after a new respondent passes both of these steps are they included in our database.

Our recruiting process typically involves four steps, pre-screening, screening, re-screening, and confirming. We pre-screen the majority of our respondents online to help speed up recruiting and keep costs down. Respondents are then screened over the phone to determine if they qualify for the study. A few days after being recruited a phone room supervisor contacts them to re-screen them. Respondents are then contacted one last time a day or two before the study to confirm their participation. Any respondent who does not qualify at any of the aforementioned stages is removed from the study and replaced.


Our database is comprised of over 75k Chicago area double opt-in respondents, giving us the availability to find any segment of consumer you may need.

We Have The People You Need

To ensure the quality of our respondents all new submissions are verified before being added. Furthermore to keep liars and repeaters out of your studies our database flags all of their contact information and uses a built-in algorithm to prevent them from rejoining under a new name.

Medical Professionals

With over 5,000 Healthcare Professionals waiting to participate in your next study, we're the right company for you. From IDIs, to journals, to list recruiting, we've done it all.

Chicago's Finest Healthcare Professionals

Our skilled team of veteran medical recruiters has experience recruiting all different types of medical professionals, such as skilled nurses, pharmacists, and specialized doctors.


Our database of tradesmen throughout the Chicago area is comprised of occupations such as remodelers, electricians, plumbers, drywall installers, etc.

From Carpenters to Electricians

Since 2008 we have been recruiting tradesmen for various research studies throughout the Chicago area. While they may be laborers, they also have a high degree of both practical and theoretical knowledge of their trade and engage in research to improve industry products.

Our Other Services

As we have found over the years, some clients may need more than just recruiting for their project so we offer other services to complement that skill set. These services are provided with the same high quality standard you would come to expect from our recruiting. Whether you simply need help developing your screener, or you need us to handle the entire project from setup to report, our team of skilled researchers are available to help you.

Why Choose Us

      • We’ve been an owner operated company since 1993
      • We’ve built a culture of setting the highest recruiting standards
      • You’ll receive daily communication from your Project Director
      • Every project, regardless of size or cost, has the same attention to detail
      • Our ultimate goal is your project’s success

What Our Client’s Say

Accurate Data Marketing has been finding and qualifying business and consumer respondents for our projects for over 15 years. Their top quality customer service and their reliability in meeting critical deadlines makes them a key partner in providing excellent research services for our clients. They provide creative solutions to difficult recruiting problems with dedication and commitment to doing the job right.
Judy Storey Maritato, Executive Director , Research Dynamics