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We recruit consumers and professionals from many different sources such as, our database, random lists, client provided samples, industry directories, social media, and more. When we contact you will always tell you our company name, the employee’s name, and the study we are calling about. If we leave a message, please make sure to mention this information when calling back. We will also provide you with details of study, such as date, location, time requirement, and incentive amount.

If you are interested in participating we will need to ask you a series of questions over the phone to ensure you meet the target group that the study calls for. This screening process can take anywhere from five to twenty minutes depending on the number of questions our client has provided us.

In addition to qualifying for the study, we must also ensure that you fit into our quotas for the study. In order to gather a variety of opinions in each group, we recruit a mix of people with different answers and demographic information. So, you may be told by the phone interviewer that we need to place you on hold because of our quotas. If this happens, we will keep your answers in case someone drops out of the study so we can contact you.

Once you are placed on a study, the phone interviewer will tell you the exact address of where the study is being conducted, the time of your session, and remind you of the compensation amount. All of this information will also be included in a confirmation email that we will send to you. Once you receive this email it is important you review and save it for the day of the study.

Between the time you are placed on the study and when the study takes place, you will receive a call from one of our phone room supervisors to verify your answers, as well as confirm that you are still willing and able to attend the session. If you receive a call from us regarding this, please make sure to call us back at your earliest convenience. After we leave you three messages and do not hear back we may remove you from the study and replace you with someone else. Therefore, in order to ensure your participation in the study it is important that you return our phone call.

On the day of the study please make sure to arrive 15 minutes early to find the location and fill out any paper work needed to check in. Please remember that the only people allowed at the study are those who are participating, you can not bring friends or children with you. Lastly, if you need glasses for reading, please make sure to bring them.

If during any point of the above you should have any questions or can no longer participate, please contact our office at (847) 390-7777 and ask to speak with a phone room supervisor regarding the study you are participating in.